‘Cruise’ Co-Writer Chase Rice Goes ‘Bigger’ With ‘Ready Set Roll’ | Billboard


Regardless of what happens next in his career, Chase Rice knows that he will be attached to one of the biggest country chart singles in Billboard history: Florida Georgia Line’s “Cruise.” Rice, one of the co-writers of the song, says that making his initial impact on the business as a tunesmith was very special.

“When I first moved here three years ago, that’s where my focus was — on writing songs,” he told Billboard. “I wanted to be the best songwriter I could be, and ended up co-writing one of the biggest songs in country music history. In my opinion, it’s not the biggest or the best, but according to Billboard, it is. That’s an honor I will probably never top as a songwriter.”

Now, with the release of his new single and EP, “Ready Set Roll,” Rice is hoping to catch lightning in a bottle once more – this time as a recording artist. He says he had some all-star help working magic behind the glass.

“We had Chris DeStefano and Scott Cooke co-produce it,” he says – along with Rhett Akins and Chad Carlson. “It sounds bigger and better than anything I have ever put out, and the songs are better. For me, it’s a huge step. We’ve got a lot of momentum coming off of ‘Cruise’ right now as a songwriter. But, even before that I was touring, and I have stayed touring. It’s been a huge year for that, and now we’re putting out real good music on top of that.”

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